Information Site

The SHSST Information Site is an intranet, or internal website, for use by faculty, staff, and students. You will be required to enter your SHSST username (w/o and password for access.


Populi is the SHSST Student Information System (SIS) and provides access to a wide range of academic information. You will be required to enter your Populi username and password to access this site. Contact the Registrar if you need help accessing Populi.

Outlook Email & Office 365

SHSST uses Office 365 to access Outlook email as well as online access to Microsoft Office software such Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive file storage. You will be required to enter your full email address ( and password to login.

The link above takes you directly into Outlook. To access other software, once you're logged in, click on Office 365 near the top left. For information on setting up mobile devices, see the Technology page of the intranet.